Tire Hammer Workshop

Workshop is Full! See you in April!

Enroll by 4/1 to reserve your place. (updated 3/13/19)

When: April 27 – April 29th
Where: Pine, Colorado 80470 at Dragon Forge LTD

3 day workshop
Spend three days learning how to build, assemble and create your own Tire Hammer! This is a 70lb “Tire” Power Hammer, also known as a “Spare Tire Hammer.” Leading the workshop will be the man himself, Clay Spencer! We will also have Curtis Hermann providing the sub-assemblies and assisting in the builds as every student will be working. This is more than a workshop, yet an experience. And you get to take your power hammer back home with you!

About this hammer:
“Ray Clontz invented the concept of using a flat pulley driving a small diameter tire to power a blacksmith power hammer. He never built one but several other North Carolina blacksmiths built the hammers using Ray’s concept with a spring cushioned mechanism similar to Little Giant.”
As the motor is pivoted by the treadle, the flat pulley on the motor rubs against the rubber tire and drives the hammer. The low friction roller bearings of the axle and the slick UHMW plastic guide bearings guiding the hammer head allow this hammer to have exceptional control. A brake stops the hammer very quickly. “

You will need to bring a:
grinder, extension chord, measuring tape, square, soap stone, personal protection equipment, welding hood, trailer/pickup, note pad and pencil.

Trailers: No trailers longer than 12′. Longer than 12 feet you will not be able to get it into the shop!

Deadline to pay: April 1st

Class Min is 15 students. Complete refund if the minimum is not reached

First 10 students get a $100 class credit towards their choice of the
“Power Hammer Tooling Class” or “Intro To Power Hammers”

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Workshop is Full! See you in April!