Just the Basics: I Fire Poker

3 day class

When:  March 9th-11th

Cost: $515.00 per student.

Classes are limited to 6 students per class.

About the class:
Students will learn basic blacksmithing techniques and process using the following tools:

  •      Coal Forge: Starting and managing a coal fire
  •      Gas Forge: regulating temperature
  •      Oxy-Propane torch: Control Flame and Accuracy
  •      Hand Tools: Hand Hammer, vise, anvil, tongs
  •      Skills to be acquired:
  •      Forge a taper
  •      Twisting and bending
  •      Forge Welding
  •      Team Striking

Using these skills students will make one of the following:

  •      Fire Poker

Download Waiver and Class Info Here