About Craig May

Colorado Blacksmith, Craig, was born in Deming, New Mexico a long time ago. Although a child of the desert, Colorado’s mountains, lakes and wildlife brought him to the mountains. His initial introduction to hot iron was working with his Farrier father.

Although shoeing horses was an occupation that he enjoyed and excelled at, it was a demonstration at a SWABA meeting that ignited the creative fire that opened the door to the alchemy of Blacksmithing. This initial exposure is what drove Craig to pursue the craft of blacksmithing with a passion and determination that only comes with the discovery of what it is you were meant to do in the world. It is this venue that has allowed Craig to develop and hone his talent for visualizing a design that he is then able, by hand, hammer and fire, to translate into three dimensional works of functional art. He is inspired by nature, architecture, his fellow craftsmen and most of all by the clients that motivate and challenge him to create time and again something beautiful, original and unique. When not in the studio, Craig can be found horse backing riding in the mountains, fishing or scuba diving with his wife, Kalah.